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The Coaching Corner is your private resource for managing your coaching experience.  Here you can schedule your appointments, set your strategy and track your progress.

Get the most out of your coaching workout with a good warm up. Setting a clear goal for our session gets us both off to a strong start!

  • Is this the week to stretch yourself for something bigger?
  • What is the one thing that, if you did it differently, would totally change your results?
  • What strength do you want to tap into?
  • How are you holding yourself back?
  • What do you need to learn or change about yourself to achieve what you want?

Did you know...
...Transitions does 360 interviews? Try the "coach approach" to get the real scoop.
...your Coach facilitates strategic planning and executive brainstorming sessions?
...we offer dynamic workshops on leadership and communication?

...you have access to free Peak Performer podcasts

...you can Help Yourself to our library of leadership tools. 
...we help companies hire the right person the first time

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New Client?  Let's get started!

Once you have registered your account and have been notified of activation by your coach, complete the New Client Forms using the link on your account dashboard:

  1. Review and click to accept the Coaching Agreement

  2. Private clients need to complete the Payment Authorization

  3. Optional: complete the Client Profile, Discovery Worksheet, and Goals

  4. Now you're ready to schedule your first appointment using the Scheduling tab

  5. Before our appointment, be sure to read the New Client Orientation, also found in the New Client Forms

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